Mike Newton is Bella's good friend. He's one of the first people she meets when she moves to Forks. He has a crush on her at first, but then resigns himself to being "just friends."

Mike has a strong dislike of Edward. He also elbows in on a date to the movies with Bella and Jacob—but the poor guy gets sick and they have to leave.

Mike gets Bella a job at his family's sporting goods store, where he also works.

Mike's fragrance is a blend of Green Tea and Bergamot, grounded with Cinnamon and Egyptian Musk. Clean, fresh, with just a hint of zing.

Base Recipe
Green Tea 3
Bergamot 2
Cinnamon 2
Egyptian Musk 1

Parfum Spray
Green Tea 57
Bergamot 38
Cinnamon 38
Egyptian Musk 6

Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath
Green Tea 18
Bergamot 12
Cinnamon 12
Egyptian Musk 6

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