Leah Clearwater is beautiful and in love with Sam Uley. But when he imprints on her cousin, Emily, Leah's heart is broken and she becomes angry and bitter.

When Leah becomes the only known female werewolf in the Quileute tribe, she is antagonistic and mean, purposefully thinking things that will upset the other werewolves and disrupt the pack.

It's easy to dislike Leah thinking she is just plain mean, but she's more complex than that. She is deeply hurt, lonely and trying to find her place in a pack that is a constant reminder of the loss of Sam.

When Leah joins Jacob's pack, however, we learn a little more about her. She has a very tender side. Under Jacob's leadership, Leah is happier, less negative and cynical, and becomes a valued member of this pack and second-in-command to Jacob.

Leah's fragrance is a blend of Jasmine, Freesia and Mimosa—a sweet floral that speaks of the true nature of her heart.

Base Recipe
Mimosa 6
Jasmine 4
Freesia 3
Cinnamon 3
Egyptian Musk 1

Parfum Spray
Mimosa 54
Jasmine 36
Freesia 27
Cinnamon 27
Egyptian Musk 9

Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath
Mimosa 18
Jasmine 12
Freesia 9
Cinnamon 9
Egyptian Musk 3

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