Jasper is new to life as a "vegetarian." He became a vampire during the Civil War and spent his first years training a vampire army for Maria. As time passed, he became increasingly dissatisfied with that life, eventually leaving Maria and wandering north on his own. One day, he met Alice, who was waiting for him in a diner—they've been together ever since.

Jasper has a talent for manipulating the emotional climate around him. Charismatic in his human life, he's even more so as a vampire. He uses his talent to calm things down when emotions are running a little too high. But the smell of fresh human blood is still a little to much for him so he keeps his distance from Bella and other humans, as much as he can.

Jasper is a charismatic and intoxicating blend of spicy pear, allspice, pine, oakmoss and cedarwood. Full of mystery, tantalizing, mesmerizing—it's more than a mere mortal woman can resist!

Base Recipe
Cedarwood 3
Pine 2
Allspice 2
Pear 2
Oakmoss 1

Parfum Spray
Cedarwood 45
Pine 30
Allspice 30
Pear 30
Oakmoss 15

Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath
Cedarwood 15
Pine 10
Allspice 10
Pear 10
Oakmoss 5

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