Carlisle is the father of the Cullen family. He turned Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett, and accepted the others into his clan. He taught them to be "vegetarians" and to overcome their desire for human blood.

Carlisle was once a member of the Volturi but left to come to America. He made a treaty with the Quileute tribe to allow his family to live in Forks.

A practicing doctor for centuries, Carlisle is no longer tempted by human blood. His special power is compassion.

Carlisle's fragrance is a blend of Egyptian Musk, White Tea, Hawaiian Rain, with a hint of Cedar—sweet and strong.

Base Recipe
Egyptian Musk 3
Hawaiian Rain 2
White Tea 2
Cedarwood 1

Parfum Spray
Egyptian Musk 57
Hawaiian Rain 38
White Tea 38
Cedarwood 19

Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath
Egyptian Musk 18
Hawaiian Rain 12
White Tea 12
Cedarwood 6

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