Victoria is an evil vampire who was part of James' coven. She assisted him in hunting Bella in Twilight.

When James is killed, Victoria is out for revenge. She plots to kill Bella in New Moon. In Eclipse, she creates an army of newborn vampires for the sole purpose of taking down the Cullens and Bella.

Victoria is known for her flaming red hair, her quick spicy temper and her determination to win at all costs.

Her fragrance is an exotic blend of Lotus Flower, China Musk and Asian Spice.

Base Recipe
China Musk 2
Lotus Blossom 1
Asian Spice 1

Parfum Spray
China Musk 76
Lotus Blossom 38
Asian Spice 38

Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath
China Musk 26
Lotus Blossom 13
Asian Spice 13

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