Even little girls need a special fragrance and this one is as unique as it's namesake, Renesme—Bella and Edward's half-human, half-vampire daughter. No wimpy baby powder for this girl! It's a fruity, spicy blend of happiness—strong enough for Nessie, but soft enough for any little girl.

Nessie blends Passion Fruit and Coconut for a solidly happy and playful fruity fragrance. Asian Spice gives it a little bit of personality. Egyptian Musk adds a very light, yet down-to-earth scent. Heliotrope blends and tempers everything giving it a softer, not-quite-powdery, little girl feeling.

Know a little girl who's full of moxie and who loves life? This is the fragrance for her!

Base Recipe
Passion Fruit 5
Egyptian Musk 5
Heliotrope 4
Coconut 2
Asian Spice 1

Parfum Spray
Passion Fruit 40
Egyptian Musk 40
Heliotrope 32
Coconut 16
Asian Spice 8

Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath
Passion Fruit 15
Egyptian Musk 15
Heliotrope 12
Coconut 6
Asian Spice 3

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