Alice Cullen* is everyone's favorite vampire girl. When she's not giving Bella tips on fashion and style, she's running interference with Bella's father so the lovebirds (Bella and Edward) can be together. A bit of a romantic herself, Alice is convinced that true love can conquer all and that Bella and Edward can make it work despite the differences between their two worlds.

Alice is a mix of both worlds—a flirty and fun teenage girl, cooled by the solid darkness of vampire. This blend of frisky spiced pear and allspice, grounded by sandalwood, pine and Egyptian musk captures Alice in a bottle.

Base Recipe
Pine 4
Pear 1
Allspice 1
Sandalwood 1
Egyptian Musk 1

Parfum Spray
Pine 76
Pear 19
Allspice 19
Sandalwood 19
Egyptian Musk 19

Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath
Pine 24
Pear 6
Allspice 6
Sandalwood 6
Egyptian Musk 6

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